TEST RIDES available for the Revelo FLEX, the world's most compact, ultra light, chainless ebike at the ECO-WHEELS SHOW.


Revolutionary, ultra-portable, chainless and easy to ride, Revelo e-bikes are among the lightest on the planet, offering the most convenient, fun and emission-free way to get from A to B without breaking a sweat.


Affordable to own and operate, the foldable e-bike is perfect for condo dwellers and urban commuters.


Founded in 2012, Revelo Electric Corporation is an award-winning, Toronto-based company that applies superior design to the challenge of urban mobility, creating solutions that improve quality of life and the environment.



TEST RIDES available!


Eco Motion Solutions provide eco-friendly carbon free portable personal transportation solutions for your commuting and commercial needs.


                  We are the proud North American Distributor of the 

Personal Transportation Vehicles (PTV) which is Swiss Designed and Engineered and assembled in Germany providing an innovative and quality product which has been used all through the rest of the world since 2006.



   Enjoy the sounds of the Latin Duo - FARRUCAS (Toronto, Canada)!

The Latin Duo is the latest addition to the exciting and exhilarating world of Latin Fusion. Farrucas' cultural mixture of rhythms and wide variety of instruments used; in both studio recording and public performances, inspires an exotic Latin flavour to their public throughout every season of the year!



Fun for the whole family!  Kids jump on bouncy castles .. provided by Fiesta4Kids.