Focus of the Show

Increasing market appeal of eco-friendly transportation alternatives that is:

  • Safe, practical and economical to operate
  • Viable as a mode of transportation in Toronto GTA
  • Efficient from a cost of ownership and pro-environment perspective

Apply to Exhibit

An exciting opportunity to be part of a unique show!

  • Provides an exclusive dedicated sales/marketing venue for eco-wheels transportation in the GTA
  • Date coincides with the City of Toronto's "Bike Month"

Exhibitor Application

Thank you for your interest in the ECO-WHEELS SHOW!

We are now accepting applications for 2015 ...  contact us!

Call for Food Vendors

Along with the Food Vendor Application Form (for 2015 Registration, contact us), also please complete and submit the Vendor Public Health Form.  Thank you!

Health Guidelines Vendor MLS.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [553.8 KB]

Insurance Requirements

All exhibitors are required to provide proof of adequate insurance coverage which meets the guidelines of the ECO-WHEELS SHOW.